Veera is in kitchen and making food for everyone but she is confused. She has made a lot of dishes in the end. Baldev comes in and collides with her. He holds her and cleans his face from his dupatta. He looks angry. He says why are you even trying? Why do you don’t understand that you are the worst wife. Baldev is mad at her because he thinks has only married him out of sympathy to save him from jail. Baldev’s mom said to her Baldev’s pals are coming so you have to make the best food.

Off screen: Baldev says when I got to know that she has married me out of sympathy, to save my life I got out of my mind. Veera says mother in law is always cruel. I am making food for first time so she has asked me to make 3 kind of pulses. She gave me a long list of dishes I will find them on internet. Maa says that is why I said she shouldn’t be my daughter in law.

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