Samrat is eyeing his bhabhi’s sister Radha. Chichora Piya plays………while he holds her hand. Radha gets tensed and shocked. Reporter says Samrat is a big flirt and holds Radha’s hand. He makes her massage his hand. He is doing exercise on the terrace and Radha went there to dry her clothes. He holds her hand seeing her.

Offscreen, Samrat jokes that whenever she takes bath, she comes infront of him asking where is Samrat. He says he tries to impress her and holds her hand. She gets happy from inside, but I can see that. Radha laughs. Radha runs away. Radha says Indian woman thinking is to not do anything with a married man. She laughs.

Samrat asks Radha to do her head massage. Urmi asks his sasur to help her. Urmi says her sasur is so good, but says he can’t go against his son. Reporter says lets see what Urmi will do to get her son. Keep reading.

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