Sandhya is fasting for longer life of Sooraj as its Karwan chauth’s eve. She sees the moon and then her husband. Mohit emily and others are there too. Before Sandhya could complete her pooja she gets orders to reach the police station. Sooraj asks her to go.

Sandhya tells the reporter, we will do the pooja later. Sooraj is so nice that he allowed me to go. Sooraj says if we are alive along with relationships these rituals don’t matter. Thank God that bhabho isn’t here. I hope Sandhya comes soon. SAndhya says, there are so many issues. RK’s people are here in the party and Sandhya is busy in finding them out. I have to sort out many problems.

Both Meenakshi and Prem have fasted for Vikram and he stuck in the middle of two. Vikram says when I look at one side the other nudges me. Prem says no I don’t believe in all this. Mohit says its not easy to keep two wives in one house. Vikram says yeah good suggestion.

On the other hand, Maya has executed her plan and has sent the explosives to party in the sweets.

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