Bigg boss says nominations have started. Today you have to mark the faces of two contestants you want to nominate. Gautam nominates Karishma and says every time I talk to you I find you only concerned about your own self. Karishma nominates gautam and says you are selfish not me. Rahul says Pritham you were clapping when Karishma was insulting me. Dimpy says you are the most mean person her, you nature changes every time. Mehek says she said she is involved and she doesn’t like all this. If a girl doesn’t like flirtation then its for all the men. Ali says sometimes I see so much anger in your voice Rahul.

Sambhavna says Upen has true feelings for her but she is playing with him as well. If you have feelings then tell it out loud. Gautam says to Pritham she said I have a boyfriend whole semester. If I have a gf and I get involved with someone where, that would be really cheap.

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