Salman Khan comes in the house and all the in-mates are happy to see him. Everyone cheers. They play a truth and dare kind of game. Arrow points at Arya and he has to do belly dance. He does some weird ance. Sushant gets a dare to pick Puneet up. Puneet falls on the floor with a thud.

Gauhar Khan (Ex-contestant, BB7 winner) comes on stage dancing on the song ‘Kamli’. Salman Khan welcomes her. She says it was fun to be the boss for one day. I am sorry to make you guys do all that. Salman asks who is playing it right by far? She says many people are playing games. You have to speak up against the wrong even if its with people you are not friends with. You people are amazing you don’t need to be aggressive. Arya your opinions are never against the group. Minishha i heard you saying in a group chat that we, the contestants of this season are more classy than the contestants of last season, I wanna know what classy you people have? Minishha says we didn’t know at all what we have been told and why. If we are right or wrong. Gauhar interrupts and says do you really think that we are classier and people from previous seasons weren’t classy?

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