Reporter says, Aliya got married for the second time with Rehaan leaving Zain. She has become Rehaan’s wife now. She has reached her sasural and are welcomed by her step children. They didn’t know that their new ammi will be with them for a few days.

Aliya is saddened to have left Zain and married Rehaan. She feels helpless. Aliya says, she don’t want to hurt her family and that’s why opted for Halala nikah to get Zain. Rehaan says, his kids are already attached to Aliya. If he would not have married Aliya then it might be problematic.

Reporter says, Aliya’s groom is not good, Zain came to know about his reality. Rehaan will refuse to divorce Aliya then Zain will come into form and will get Aliya from his clutches. The twist and turns coming up will shaken Aliya. Keep reading.

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