Aaliya is confused as she don’t know with whom she is going on a honeymoon. Rocket or Zain. ShukanAllah plays……… Reporter says Aaliya and Zain have come closer and that’s why Zain wants to take Aaliya for a honeymoon.

He wants to spend romantic time with her as their love is touching sky. There is a twist in the tale. As he is not Zain, but Rocket who wants to take her for honeymoon. Aaliya is doubtful about him. Rocket says Aaliya is doubting him. Reporter asks where they are going? Zain says it depends on Producer’s budget.

Aaliya says she wants to go to Goa. Rocket says Zain is in Goa so she wants to go to Goa. Zain tells that Aaliya is a good singer. Aaliya sings Maine Socha Na Tha……………

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