Reporter says, today Sandhya will put and end to the hide and seek game. She will expose every face today. Sandhya and her team disguise in gujrati avatar and reach the village where RK, Maya and Disha have rooted their network. Sandhya grasps the first lady and asks her to take the cloth off her face.

Off screen Sandhya says, We are here to catch RK’s network. This is a village called Dholipur and we finally we feel like we will get to the real mission of RK.

Sandhya says, these people are terrorists and we are cops. Don’t come near we won’t damage anything else. Reporter says, Maya has ruined Sandhya whole plan. She said if they are cops where are their uniforms? People start hitting them with sticks. Sandhya and her team had o run to save themselves. Zakir tells the reporter, we can’t summarize anything about Disha. We have an exciting sequence coming up in the next shoots.

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