This ‘Swaragini’ actor is BACK on television in a powerful role..!

And finally, Kusum Sundari will have someone as powerful as her..

The Colors show, ‘Devanshi,’ is all set to produce some high voltage drama as Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey) will finally have someone to be at loggerheads with.

Wondering what are we talking about? According to a leading news portal, actor Manoj Chandila, who was last seen as Chirag Bhandari in ‘Swaragini’ is all set to enter ‘Devanshi’ in a pivotal role.

According to sources, Manoj will play a cunning and negative politician who would cast his spell on Kusum Sundari. And due to being allured by his power and personality, Kusum Sundari will focus a lot of attention on him, where she will pitch on Rajjo (Priyanka Khera) getting married to him.

And the name of the character would be Shamsher Malik, who would also become the central point of a love triangle, courtesy, being linked with Rajjo and that’s how Ashu, Kusum Sundari’s driver, comes into the picture, as he is in love with Rajjo too.

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