Swara wants Laksh to come and stop the marriage, but Swara and Sanskaar have got married. Laksh comes there and gets shocked seeing them married. The reporter says Swara’s heart is crying now, she did not imagine this to happen. Dil jude bina hi tut gaye………..plays…. The reporter says Swara has married Sanskaar and lost her love, till Laksh came, she was married. Offscreen Laksh says I was running on roads and met with accident, since I came, marriage happened.

Offscreen Swara says he did not come on time, we were waiting for him, he came after marriage happened. The reporter says Laksh came running to his love after knowing the truth, he wanted to stop the marriage, till he came, his love has gone to someone else, its fine if love has gone, you have your wife Laksh. Offscreen Ragini says Laksh is married., Laksh says Swara had run away and you were going suicide. The reporter says Swara and Sanskaar married, and now it will be good if Swara spends her life with Sanskaar and forgets Laksh. Keep reading.

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