Salman revealed that it was almost 299 times that Sreesanth cribbed and threatened BB house

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 12 witnessed high drama finale with Dipika lifting the trophy and Sreesanth being declared as the first runner up.

The finale night had all the right ingredients starting from the great performances of the finalists. Amidst the fan fare Salman Khan in his characteristic humor nudged Sreesanth asking him if he knows the number of times he threatened to leave the house whilst inside it.

Sreesanth gave in to a mere 6-7 times when the housemates confronted him joking that 6-7 times he threatened in the first week itself. Later, Salman revealed that it was almost 299 times that Sree cribbed and threatened to leave the BB house in the last three months.

Salman then teasingly added that he can make the score even by saying it for one more time but Sreesanth refused, obviously.

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