Gopi cries and says to Ahem that she want Meera back, she says i got her after many years, i want her back, Ahem says nothing will happen to her, Gopi breakdowns in tears.

Reporter says, Gopi is tested again by God, her motherhood is on stake, Meera is kidnapped, she has left Gopi in tears.

Gopi says to Ahem, our family got one after many years, i want my Meera back, where she must be. Reporter says, its Gopis’s fate, whenever she tries to come closer to her kids, she is thrown away from them.

Offscreen Gopi says, its our routine that happiness is of two days and sadness of twenty days. Same thing happened again that we have to cry too. Ahem says, its serial and till Gopi is crying, Trp will be nice, Gopi laughs. Gopi says, it affects personally when you cry and shout regularly, but I am sure everything will be fine soon.

Reporter says, Gopi’s styled is changed in show after Grah pervesh.

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