Tanveer is seen crying on her son’s death. She hugs Aahil and cries. Reporter says Rehaan has died and you knows well that Tanveer killed her own son Rehaan. Now she is crying and remembering her son. Aahil tries to console her and says he is not with us anymore. Tanveer cries and calls aloud for Rehaan. Reporter says this condolence meet is not less than a comedy scene. Once the scene is cut, Rehaan gets up as he gets restless lying down as a death person. Tanveer does touch up to her make up once the scene is cut. Everyone used the glycerine.

Aahil takes the selfies during the shot. She says Aahil is very selfish and hopes that he doesn’t post it on Social networking site. Tanveer says Rehaan was her son and not Aahil. She did everything for her son and now he is dead. Aahil says the show is not taking any leap, and it is just a fresh story that’s why it is called season 3. Reporter says we heard that Tanveer will be dying soon and will return to the show as her daughter. Anything can happen in the show. Keep reading.

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