Aahil holds new Sanam’s hand and pushes her to get her out. Reporter says Aahil has done new Sanam’s pack up. Aahil showed her the door. She got punished for her crime. Jaa Chudail song plays…..Reporter says New Sanam made old Sanam shift to Pakistan, so Aahil gets angry on her and kick her out of house. Aahil says she made Sahil apart. He says he came to know that she did some magic and made Sanam leave for Pakistan. Aahil gets a call from someone. He pushes her and closes the door.

New Sanam smiles evilly. Aahil says he is sending her for a holiday vacation. New Sanam says she don’t want to go to a 5 star hotel. Aahil says she is very attached to the house. New Sanam says she don’t want to leave. Reporter says even Billo Rani Tanveer is not there to support you. Reporter asks what is the new plan.

New Sanam says she doesn’t like old Sanam and just wants Aahil. She is doing magic. Aahil says you can see her avatar in full moon. She is a vampire. Reporter asks Aahil to get his Sanam back as someone came in his life. An army man addresses Sanam to be his wife, while the latter remains oblivious to her identity. Old Sanam smiles while wearing burqa. Aahil is in pain after losing her. Keep reading.

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