Prediction: What does the future hold for birthday boy Rajat Tokas?

MUMBAI: Rajat Tokas, the man with the rakish smile, chiselled body, and endearing personality, celebrates his birthday today (19 July), and he has been flooded with wishes from his fans.

The talented actor has many shows to his credit, including popular and highly rated show Naagin 3.

Let’s find out what’s in store for the actor in his professional and personal life.

We got in touch our in-house tarot card readers, brother-sister duo Shreyans Vimal Bhojak and Divya Chintan Dave, and here what they predict.

‘Rajat has got the King Of Wands Card. It says that he is a born leader and has a great visionary quality. For him, this year would be full of adventures. He might experience challenges that will bring a lot of changes in his life. A never-give-up attitude will surely keep him focused on his long-term goals. Along with that, many opportunities will attract him. Being calm will also help pursue his goals. Personally, until December, there are bright chances of him going the family way.’

‘Health wise, he will need to increase water intake, as he might face some gastric issues due to irregular eating habits. I would advise him to offer yellow edibles and water to needy people.’

For any astrology and tarot card reading enquiry, contact Shreyans on 9004045502.

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