OMG! Demonetization to happen again in India?

We all vividly remember when the government had announced demonetization in India back in 2016 as a corrective measure to curb black money. The announcement was unprecedented and had shocked the Indian populace. It seems history is going to repeat itself albeit in a different scenario altogether! StarPlus’ popular science-fiction comedy – Maharaj Ki Jai Ho is all set to show a historical version of demonetization being implemented in the kingdom of Hastinapura!

While the entire world is reeling under the effect of the pandemic and people are confined to their homes, StarPlus has brought forth a unique offering for family viewing with its comical show – Maharaj Ki Jai Ho. The masterful performances by a skilled star-cast have received a positive response from audiences all over. One of the key highlights of this one of a kind mytho sci fi comedy is the inclusion of real-world scenarios to highlight the entertainment quotient. The most recent example being a light-hearted take on the demonetization exercise that was carried out in our country a few years back. The makers who have ticked audiences with landmark shows such as Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai & Khichdi had also showcased a funny 20-20 cricket tournament between King Dhritarashtra & King Suryabhan as they tried to mitigate their animosity as a part of the sporting duel.

Aditi Sharma from Yeh Jadu hai jinn ka also said, “Maharaj Ki Jai Ho is one of my favorite shows on television right now! Its comical take on real-life situations is truly hilarious and I love the way Hastinapur has been recreated, definitely takes us on a journey back in time! Hats off to the makers for including relevant topics like 20-20 cricket tournament & demonetization in the storyline making it more entertaining for general audiences.”

Premiered on 23rd March, the show boasts of an extraordinary cast including Satyajeet Dubey, Nitesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar, Monica Castellino, Riya Sharma, Akash Dabhade and Ashwin Mushran among others.

We are sure the viewers are enjoying a trip back in time with a dash of humor and comical side of life’s current scenario in India as Maharaj Ki Jai Ho will continue to entertain them with its exceptional presentation!

To enjoy a humorous trip back in time, tune in to Maharaj Ki Jai Ho every Monday-Friday at 9:00pm only on Star Plus!

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