Pragya wears modern attire and poses for photo shoot with a model. Abhi is surprised. Reporter says you might be surprised to see Pragya’s new look. She is changed and mould herself for Abhi. She says she is the same pragya who used to wear suits, specs and sindoor in her maang. Yeh Duniya plays…….

Reporter says Pragya is looking beautiful in the black color gown. What is remaining is Pragya’s innocence. Pragya says this thing is new to her. She doesn’t wear this type of clothes and make up. She says she is very nervous right now.

Reporter says it was Purab’s idea to make her model. Abhi was surprised and dumbstruck for sometime. He got angry, but then no one could do what she did. Abhi says Pragya is looking glamorous now. He tells there are some cute scenes. Reporter says world will now Pragya also now, being rockstar’s wife. Keep reading.

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