Reporter demands Party from Pragya. She says Pragya’s kidnapping scene started on 9th Feb and it didn’t ended till now. She says she didn’t change her costume till now. Pragya says she is happy in these costume as it is easy to wear it during the shot. She says her clothes is washed daily and the dada brought chappal for her which is very comfortable. She says she has just mangalsutra in her neck. Reporter says 1 month had passed, and Neil’s revenge is not yet completed. She says even Rockstar Abhi is stuck.

This kidnapping track will be dragged another 10- 15 days. Nothing will happen to Abhi and Pragya, but Neil will be shot. He won’t be killed though. Neil says he is not that evil to kill them. He is playing death game with them. Pragya says they are trying hard to reach home. Reporter says kidnapping scenes are hard to shoot indoors. Neil says he is tired of shooting. Keep reading.

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