Roshni and Raghu romance in a closed lift. Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Band Ho plays………….Raghu sings the song. Roshni sings as well. Reporter says Sid and Roshni get stuck in a lift and start romancing in a filmy style. This is happening because of a cockroach. Roshni gets scared seeing cockroach and jumps towards Raghu hugging him. Hum Tum song plays……….

Offscreen,Roshni says she is stuck in the lift. She says this is new character Raghu who is a lookalike, and not like Sid. He is very irritating and pathetic. She says it is a torture to be stuck with him and says cockroach enters then. She says they get scared of cockroach. She says her meetings with Raghu take her to flashback with Sid memories.

Offscreen, Raghu says their equation is interesting, and says Sid-Roshni equation was different and Raghu-Roshni equation is different. Raghu sings Aye Kya Bolti Tu….. . Roshni gets irritating hearing tapori song. Reporter asks them to enjoy. Keep reading.

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