COVID-19: Sumedh Mudgalkar, Aalisha Panwar, Kinshuk Vaidya, Ishita Ganguly REVEAL how they are utilizing their quarantine days

Owing to Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is taking safety measures and focusing on cleanliness. People are also staying indoors in order to avoid the spreading of the virus. With this sudden holiday and with no option of going out, people are also making sure to utilize this free time and our telly town stars are no different.

Celebrities Sumedh Mudgalkar, Aalisha Panwar, Kinshuk Vaidya and Ishita Ganguly have revealed what are they doing in their quarantine days. In an interview, RadhaKrishn star Sumedh Mudgalkar said, “In difficult times like these, one can only hope for the better. Follow strict instructions and ensure the safety of oneself. As Gudi Padwa is approaching, I have decided to return home, celebrate the festival and spend time with my family this year.”

Kinshuk Vaidya, who will enter RadhaKrishn, shared, “This break does not restrict people from doing their daily activities, one can always find a way. Since gyms have been asked to shutdown and I cannot access gym facilities, I’ve planned do workout at home, keep a track of my diet, cook and eat healthy so that I can justify my character as Arjun in the coming few days.”

Meri Gudiya actress Aalisha Panwar said, “In times like these I really miss my Mom but due to the current crisis I can’t meet her since travelling is not advised. This break is rather a wakeup call for all of us to take care of ourselves and get back to the basics. Washing hands and practicing personal hygiene. I really appreciate our government’s decree by urging the citizens to stay at home during such times. I personally am utilizing this time to focus on the food I eat, my workout and meditation as well. I pray and hope that this global crisis will come to an end soon and urge everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones.”

Jag Jaanani Maa Vaishno Devi actress Ishita Ganguly added, “Do not panic and only trust news from trusted sources. I am staying home and time and again sanitizing myself. Not only that, I am spending more time with my family especially my Mom and doing things that we wanted to do or love to do. All I would say is that we can fight this battle together and bring an end to this deadly disease.”

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