Kapil welcomes Dhanush to the comedy nights. Dhanush talks in Amitabh’s voice. Kapil wonders why he is talking in Amitabh’s voice. He then invites Akshara Hasan. She also talks in Amitabh’s voice. Kapil wonders where is Amitabh Bachchan. He enters the show. Kapil thanks him. He tells that Dhanush knows very little hindi and that’s why Kapil prefers to talk to him in English. He says you are very slim trip, don’t you think that you will be trapped by the voice. Amitabh translates in English and because of his heavy powerful voice, do you ever get submerged. Everyone laugh.

Kapil says he wants to congratulate Akshara for working with Amitabh ji in her very first film. Akshara says she is honoured. Kapil’s onscreen Dadi comes and says I drinks wine whenever I miss you. Kapil says she drinks daily. Dadi says I used to drink to forget you and says SRK;s dialogues. Kapil asks her to go and asks what you will take. Amitabh gives a kiss on her cheek. Dadi gets unconscious happily. Kapil kicks her to make her conscious. Keep reading.

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