Bigg Boss contestants share some heart wrenching life experiences

Lakshmi Agarwal, who has been an inspiration of courage and resilience will be seen nor sting the contestants tonight on Bigg Boss. Lakshmi plays a very unique and empowering game with the contestants called the ‘Muh Dikahi’ where each of the housemates have to share some of their own experiences that have shaped them to be the people they are today.

Before starting off , Laxmi shares her acid attack story with them. She tells the Bigg Boss contestants how she stood her ground during the worst phase of her life and decided to show the world her hard hitting reality. Sidharth gets very emotional and salutes her for being the strong woman that she is.

Laxmi requests each contestant to share their own story. Aarti who is known to be strong and independent opens up about a dark incident in her life. She reveals that she was molested by a servant in her own house when she was young and how she escaped by jumping off from the second floor. It’s just not Aarti who talks about her bitter past. Madhurima and Vishal too open up and share their own life-changing experiences. Madhurima and Vishal share the horrors of being molested when they were young. Madhurima breaks down when she reveals that her tutor molested her when she was young. Vishal, too, speaks about the time that he was molested by some creeps when he was 9-10 years old. These two incidents took a toll on their studies and education life.

Next to step up and speak is Rashami, who says her journey has never been easy. She reveals that she comes from a very poor family, and the fact that she was not loved because she was a girl. She talks about how she went through depression because of all this.Yet, she decided to be strong and make something of her life.

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