Bigg Boss 11: Whole house is nominated this week, except…

Bigg Boss 11 has entered its 12 week, after a rather shocking round of evictions. Last week’s elimination was something that didn’t occur in any of the previous seasons. For the first time ever the housemates were given the power to save between two powerful contestants, Hiten and Priyank. The inmates picked Priyank to be saved and Hiten had to face the axe of eviction.

In the coming week, the housemates have to face flak of the boss himself, the Bigg Boss. It happens so that, during the time of nominations the whole house was seen discussing about the nominations. By giving code words to each other the contestants were seen talking about nominations. This clearly didn’t go down well with the Boss!

Bigg Boss as firm as he always is, gave a stern riposte to the housemates. In a rather shocking twist, Bigg Boss nominates all the housemates who have been a part of the planning and plotting. Consequently, the whole house has been nominated for the coming evictions except one contestant. Therefore, all housemates except TV actress, Hina Khan are up for evictions this week.

As a result, Priyank, Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi, Akash, Puneesh and Luv are nominated for evictions.

Seeing these big names in the elimination it won’t be surprising if Puneesh gets out. And if there’s double eviction, Akash or Luv might join the Delhi lad to get leave the house.

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