BB13: Shehnaaz Gill’s father asks fans to vote for her

Punjab Ki Katrina aka Shehnaaz Gill is the most entertaining contestant of BB13. She is the reason most of the viewers watch the show. Her cute antics add charm to it.

Shenaaz has always nailed it with her unique style not only in singing and entertaining also in hotness. Fans have posted a video in which Shehnaaz in a bunch of curtness is loaded. Right from the beginning of the show. In the video all about herself is captured. The way she talks, the way she makes innocent faces .every character is displayed in the video. She has grabbed the viewers’ attention on social media also.

Well, now, her father has come out to support his daughter. Here is a clip where he is thanking all the viewers for showering so much love on Shehnaaz’s birthday. He then asks fans to vote for her as the finale is around.

This video will surely make your heart melt.

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