#BB10: Lets take a close look at Gaurav Chopra’s smart game!

Last night’s nomination episode makes us think about how Gaurav may actually be a sly fox.

Last night’s nomination episode was one of a kind. Bigg Boss gave all the contestants belts with a balloon tied to it. One pin was placed in the living area and at every buzzer played, one contestant had to burst a housemate’s balloon and nominate him. At the first buzzer, Rahul Dev burst Manveer’s balloon and Manveer backlashed at him after the second buzzer.

That’s when Gaurav Chopra began his master plan! He secretly told Bani to burst Nitibha’s balloon at the next buzzer and told her that he will burst Mona’s on the next buzzer. Bani did the needful and that’s when Gaurav flipped! He told Bani that he won’t burst Mona’s balloon. He also told Bani to burst his so that Nitibha doesn’t nominate her. Bani refuses to do so and we feel that Gaurav knew that Bani wouldn’t nominate him and neither would Mona. So while Bani was angry at him for changing his plan, Gaurav came out as a good guy in front of Mona and the other housemates as he tried to ask them to burst his balloon.

Maybe at the back of his mind, Gaurav knew that no one would nominate him and this strategy actually worked out for him! Well played Gaurav, well Played!

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