#BB10: And the housemates LOSE the Luxury Budget Task for the 4th Time; here’s why!

Another disappointment for the housemates, however, in a surprising way..

The action-packed week of ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ came to an end yesterday, where post the ousting of Priyanka Jagga, things started to get settled down.

And with Monday today, the viewers would be expecting the names who would be nominated this week. However, a twist in the tale is already on its way for the viewers.

As shown in the precap, Bani J and Gaurav Chopraa will be called in the confession room by Bigg Boss, where they would be said that the viewers have some questions for the duo and they have to answer them. However, it will be the housemates who would be asking those questions, unknown to Bani and Gaurav.

And after some surprising answers which got the housemates upset, here is what will happen post Bani and Gaurav come out.

Bigg Boss will mention that the next step of this task would be that the housemates have to decide if Gaurav and Bani were ‘genuine’ in their answers and were they justified enough!

To everyone’s surprise, all the housemates, except Rohan Mehra, will feel that Gaurav and Bani were not genuine and truthful about their answers.

But, this meant BAD NEWS for the housemates as Bigg Boss will tell that as the majority of housemates feel that Bani and Gaurav were untruthful, they have lost this task, which means they have lost the luxury budget task for the 4th consecutive time.

Needless to say, this left the housemates really dejected..!

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